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Alexis Lyon


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Represented by Artist Management Inc. Toronto

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I live outside of Toronto, with my parents and my big brother Cameron. I go to an awesome school, and am in french immersion. My favorite subjects are french, math and art. When I am not modeling, I play basketball, soccer and t-ball. I also sing and play piano. Our family travels a lot, so I get to see awesome places and meet really neat people. Most of my family is from England, and I love going to visit them there. When did you become interested in modeling Someone has been taking my picture since I was a baby, but I realized how much I loved working with photographers when I was about 3. At photoshoots I would mimic the older models, and how they moved and turned.


What do you enjoy most Print or Runway?

I will be walking my first show this November, so I can't say for sure. I really REALLY love print, so we will see.


Any interest in commercial or television ?

Absolutely. I have done a few commercials already, and they are always so much fun to do. I also got to do a small part with Meredith McNeil on The Baroness Von Sketch show for television in this next season.


Any favorite Model or Photoshoot experience?

I got to shoot with Paisely St Onge. It was so awesome. She is my favorite model and the person I try to copy. She has taught me how to pose, and relax my face and have "big eyes". I wish she could be there every time I do a shoot. Is there a Photographer or Designer you have not worked with but hope to I would love to work for Tutudumonde, Mischkaaoki or PetiteAdele. I love the beautiful dresses. Photographers I someday want to work with include Dani Diamond, Alex Kruk, and Annie Mitova, If I could fly far far away, I would also like to work with Robert Beczarski and Daniel Aslani. I get to shoot with Max Ermine and Olesja Meuller in the coming months and I can't wait!!!


Favorite subject in school? 

I love art, because i love colors.


Favorite Book?

The Giving Tree Favorite Movie Christopher Robin


Favorite Song?

Wolves by Selena Gomez Favorite Food Ice Cream


Favorite Animal? 


Your One Fashion Must Have

a hat


Best Gift you ever received

My big comfy bed. Bravest Thing You Have Ever Done sing a solo If you had a super power what would it be I would totally control time. Accomplishment you are most proud of swimming with stingrays


Any special talents or hobbies?

Singing, definitely singing.


3 Words that best describe you?

strong, brave, smart


If you could meet any person, past or present who would it be and why?

My Grandpa Ed. He died before I was born.


One place you have never been but hope to go?


Photography Credits: Sagaj, Olesja Mueller and lillykphotography

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